M Konrad Borowicz

Assistant Professor | Tilburg University


My research examines the public law and private law dimensions of the regulation of financial institutions, markets, and technology. It employs theories and methods from social sciences. On the public law side, I am particularly interested in the political economy of regulatory frameworks for banks and securities.


On the private law side, I study how bankruptcy law interacts with macro-financial policies, such as regulatory policies and central bank policies. My research in the area of bankruptcy law establishes the foundations of a new research paradigm at the intersection of law and macro-finance. 

Main research areas

Banking regulation


Bankruptcy law


Contract law

Corporate law


Securities law

Working papers


Law and Macro-Finance of Corporate Debt

Revise and resubmit, Journal of Corporate Law Studies

Submitted version

The Mechanisms of Loan Market Efficiency

Forthcoming, Review of Banking and Financial Law

Working paper version

Contracts as Regulation: the ISDA Master Agreement

Capital Markets Law Journal, December 2020