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M. Konrad Borowicz

Assistant Professor | Tilburg University


I am an academic lawyer with prior experience in legal practice. I qualified in New York and later worked in the City of London.


Currently, I'm an Assistant Professor at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society and a Research Coordinator at the Tilburg Law and Economics Center at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. 

My interdisciplinary legal, economic and political science-informed research centres on the interaction of financial regulation with 1) various areas of private law, including bankruptcy and contract law 2) general public law, in particular competition and data protection law and 3) regulation in sectors other than finance, in particular energy, sustainability, and technology


Some of the research questions I have been or am currently looking at include:

  • How do the bankruptcy protections of creditors shape their incentives to lend under different macroeconomic conditions?

  • How do technology firms approach issues of accountability, transparency, ethics and stakeholder engagement?

  • How does the legal framework for energy derivatives trading affect energy prices?


I hold a J.S.D. from Columbia Law School, a Ph.D. in Law from the European University Institute, and an LLM from Duke Law School. I obtained my first law degree from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, my home town. 

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